How to Find a Lost Suitcase 

What’s the worst thing you can think of to happen to you when you’re traveling? That’s right: it’s losing all your possessions. Contrary to what you might think, that kind of unfortunate incident happens more often than you’re told, whether you’re on the road traveling in a foreign country or you’re already at the airport just waiting for your baggage. 

Losing your bags when you travel is a terrible experience, and it can leave you feeling helpless. If you have plans of traveling in the upcoming months, then you must take some preventive measures to keep your possessions secure and safe. Here are some useful tips you can follow:

Preventive Measures

1. Label your bags.

This is pretty basic information, but you wouldn’t be able to guess how many people still overlook labeling their own bags because they think it’s unnecessary, until the inevitable actually happens. You don’t want to wait until it’s too late. One of the simplest preventive measures you can take to prevent the loss of your possessions is to put a label on them. Put tags on all your bags, indicating your name and your contact number, just in case another mistakenly gets hold of your bags or an airline employee is able to find it. Such tags will make it easier for them to contact you. 

2. Invest in a 3G GPS tracker.

A tracking device will be the perfect tool to determine and track down the exact whereabouts of your luggage, should it ever go missing. Through its GPS technology, it is able to give you real-time updates of the location of your bags. This makes it easier for you to recover your luggage in a much faster and more convenient way. 

Lost Suitcase

When You’ve Lost Your Bag

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the worst can still happen and you can still end up at the airport with your baggage nowhere in sight. Here are some tips you can follow to recover your bag quickly. 

1. Know your rights and assert them.

Every passenger has a set of rights that he can insist on when he has lost his luggage at the airport. It is important for you to know these rights beforehand so you are aware of what you are entitled to. However, this doesn’t give you a free pass to yell at any airline or airport staff for your lost suitcase. Just be calm and assured in the knowledge that they are doing their best to help you out. 

2. Do not leave the airport under any circumstances.

Although you may be tempted to because you just want to rest after a long flight, do not leave the airport until you have recovered your baggage. If it’s taking a bit of time and you must be someplace else after your flight, at least do so after having filed a claim. This way you can be sure that the airline is aware of your situation and that they will immediately start the process of looking for it.

3. Access the location of your GPS tracker.

If you’ve had the good sense to invest in a tracker and install it in your luggage, then all you need to do to recover your lost suitcase is to access the database of your GPS tracker in order to discover the exact location of your things. Such a device makes it possible on your part to recover your lost suitcase more quickly. 

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