Lost Your Glasses? Here Are Tips and a Life Hack to Find Lost Glasses

Aside from having to clean the lens once in a while due to moisture, oil, and fingerprints, perhaps one of the most annoying things about wearing glasses is the fact that they are so easy to lose. Do you lose your glasses more than you’d like to admit?


Here are tips to make your search more organized, plus one life hack that nearsighted wearers on Twitter are rejoicing about.

How Do You Find Lost Glasses?

Retrace your steps.

Stop for a moment and look where you last had them. If you remember taking them off before going to bed and you can’t find them first thing in the morning, the first thing you’d be doing is search around the bed, on the floor, and on nearby surfaces. However, if you just pause for a moment to stop and think, you might remember that you still had your glasses on when you went to brush your teeth. Making a list of the last places you remember having the glasses and everywhere you have been since can really help you to locate them.


Search systematically.

If you found out standing up that your glasses are no longer on your lap, search in a systematic way by starting with your clothes. It is easy for glasses which have been placed on the arm of a chair to get snagged in jumpers or cardigans or even end up in the pockets of trousers. So check these places before you move away from the seat. Once you’ve checked your clothing, begin by feeling down the inside of the chair and the sides of the main seat, then move to the floor in front of the seat. 

A common trap is forgetting where you have already searched. Go from one room to another, and only move on if you think you have searched everywhere in that room. Michael Solomon, who wrote the book How to Find Lost Objects, said, “There are no missing objects. Only unsystematic searchers.”

Search on the most common places people leave their glasses.

  • On your forehead. Check your nose first, and if they are not there, check your forehead. This doesn’t just happen in movies.
  • By a book. Where do you read? In your bed? On a La-Z-Boy? Outside? Check there. It’s very likely that you took your glasses off to read, especially if you’re nearsighted and are thus comfortable with images at close distances.
  • In your shirt pocket. You might have clipped them on your pocket because you haven’t gotten around to getting a glasses case. And it just so happens that you changed shirts earlier today or you didn’t remove them from your shirt last night. Rummage through your wardrobe and dig through the hamper.
  • In the bathroom. Glasses wearers often forget to leave their glasses in the bedroom before showering and instead enter the bathroom with their glasses on. Recently washed your face? You might have left them in the bathroom.
  • By your computer. Nearsighted wearers often take their glasses off once in a while when using the computer to rest their eyes. They could be right by your fingertips, on a nearby shelf, or behind the monitor.

Use your phone.

Is your cell phone nearby? Open your phone’s camera like you’re taking a picture of what’s in front of you. What you’re seeing should be pretty clear, regardless of whether or not you’re wearing your glasses. Keep your camera open, scan your surroundings through your phone screen and voila. There they are. This works because unless your lens is scratched, your phone camera displays a clear and crisp picture of whatever you’re looking at. This ultimate life hack comes from writer Bijan Stephen on Twitter. 

How to Prevent This from Happening Again

Buy a spare pair.


Two are harder to lose than one. If you have affordable glasses, it’s easy to stock up on an extra pair or two in the event of an emergency. Keep one upstairs and one downstairs. Or keep on in your bag and the other at home.

Invest in an eyewear retainer. 

You may want to invest in an eyewear retainer. They’re inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and styles. You can get a basic black nylon strap or a more feminine beaded chain that can serve as an accessory to an outfit. It’s a practical, convenient and stylish way to keep your glasses on your face no matter the activity.

Choose a case that stands out.

Look for a case with a distinctive pattern or color so that you don’t have to dig through a large purse or search all over your room to find it.

Keep your prescription handy.

Your prescription is your lifeline. Memorize it or have it written down somewhere in order to avoid costly eye exams.

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