How to Find Lost Pets

In America, the statistics on lost pets have significantly improved, showing a 10% decrease over a five-year course (2011–2016). But while there’s a progress, the current numbers on lost and sheltered animals in the United States remain alarming.

As reported by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), there are still approximately 6.5 million pets that enter animal shelters each year, a number that often results in shortage of supplies and shelters. This is why almost 1.5 million animals get euthanized yearly even when they’re in perfect health.

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ASPCA, along with other animal groups and nongovernmental organizations, suggests that the public stop shopping for commercial pets and go straight to shelters to adopt one. They also urge pet owners to take extra precaution to prevent their pet from getting lost. Should one go missing, there are steps organizations advise owners to follow to find their furry pal right away and prevent more unwanted situations from happening.

8 Helpful Tips on How to Find Lost Pets

If you don’t want your missing pet to be part of the dire statistics, here’s what you need to do to to immediately find them.

1. Search the neighborhood.

Your pet couldn’t have gone far from where you first noticed their empty leash. They could just be exploring familiar pathways, so stick to routes where you usually bring your pet for a walk. Don’t forget to ask passers-by and neighbors if they noticed your pet walking around the vicinity.

2. Bring a photo of your pet.

Whenever you’re out searching for your lost pet, it’s important that you bring a photo of them. This helps people to easily recognize your pet without you having to explain what they actually look like. Just be sure to use an updated photo, not when your pet is still a baby.


3. Print out fliers.

Fliers are a great help in finding lost pet. It should have complete information: your pet’s name, a colored photo, noticeable marks, color of its leash, and when it went missing. It should also contain your contact information so people will know whom to contact when they see your missing pet. Indicate the reward on the fliers too, if you’re giving any. Then post and distribute them in strategic locations, where people usually pass by.

4. Put up an ad on newspaper.

You can also put up an advertisement on local newspapers to speed up the process of finding your lost pet. Don’t forget to indicate important details such as your pet’s appearance and your contact information. It would be better if you could include a reward for anyone who can find your lost pal. Just a heads-up, though, this procedure can be costly, so expect to spend a little more.

5. Share a post on social media.

One of the most convenient ways to find lost pets is to use social media. Just like your fliers and newspaper ad, do not forget to include relevant information and pictures of your missing pet. Posts on social media go viral when they include some interesting facts and stories, so you might want to share a little moment you’ve had with your pet. Once it goes viral, you’ll have a better chance of finding your pet.

Animal Shelters

6. Check animal shelters.

People who find stray cats, dogs, or other animals immediately take them to a nearby animal shelter. So don’t forget to check any local shelters since your pet might just be there. If you’ve already searched everywhere, leave a photo of your pet, as well as your contact details, at every shelter you visit. This will serve as their reference so when someone brings in your pet, they can contact you immediately.

7. Use websites to find pets.

There are a lot of organizations that are dedicated to helping people find their missing pets, and they usually have a website to assist owners. FindToto, Helping Lost Pets, Pet Amber Alert, and Finding Rover are just some of the pet-finding websites that actually work.

3G Pet Tracker

8. Use a GPS pet tracker.

This is the easiest yet the most effective method in finding a lost pet. You just need to contact your pet’s GPS tracking device provider to locate them for you. However, this method only works if your furry friend had a tracking device attached to them before they went missing.

If you haven’t lost a pet yet, you are beyond lucky! But it’s better to be safe than sorry and equip your dogs, cats, and other animals with a GPS tracking device so you won’t ever have to worry when they suddenly run away from home. One of the best on the market is Trackimo®.

With a pet tracker, you will get the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that you have a way of knowing your pet’s whereabouts. And with Trackimo®, you get a quality customer service that you can reach out to anytime to help you with finding a lost pet. They’ll be with you throughout the entire process until you find your pet.

Besides that, the device also offers a 3G-enabled network coverage, which means that each tracker works practically anywhere worldwide, even if your pet is inside a closed space. The device also comes with a standalone app, through which you can monitor your pet and gain access to their movement history. You can also set geofences or no-go areas using the app, and once you do that, you will receive alerts via SMS or email the second your pet enters a restricted area.

The pet-monitoring device offered by Trackimo® comes equipped with SOS button that people can press when they find your pet. The second this button is used, you will receive a high-priority alert so you can immediately rescue your beloved pet.

Your pet’s safety doesn’t need to be expensive. The pet tracker only costs $198.90 and already includes a free GPS and cellular service for the first year. After that, you’ll just have to pay $5 for every succeeding month. That’s the cheapest tracker you can ever get in the market! Despite it being cheap, Trackimo® pet GPS tracker is the best pet-monitoring device out there.

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